About Us

Two brothers (Kevin & Rich) and a lifelong friend (Steve) {Get it? KRS....} started down this path back in the early 2000's, with the purchase of our first rental property. Going through this process ourselves allowed us to learn how it works and what is involved. One property quickly turned into a couple dozen and our neighbors started to ask "how we do it?". That is when we formed KRS Property Management. Our goal was simple, help rental property owners avoid making the same mistakes we made and maximize profits for the homeowner. 

Fast forward to today and KRS manages hundreds of commercial & residential properties and HOA's.


Reach out today to find out how we can help you. 


Property Management

How do we maximize profit you ask....

The Answer: Pay Attention to the Fine Print

If you are considering other property managers, ask about the additional fees they charge. 

We DO NOT charge any of the following:
•    Account Set Up Fees
•    Maintenance Royalties (Hidden Fees/Upcharges on top of the repair costs)
•    Eviction Administration or Eviction Protection Fees. We don’t place bad tenants. If we did, we’d evict them for free!
•    Lease Renewal Fees
•    Tenant Warranty Fees
•    Any “Extra Protection” Fees