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Property Management

Commercial & Residential Rental Property Services​

  • Job #1 – Place Great Tenants - If you don’t already have a great tenant, we will find one for you. 


  • Collect Rent - Ensure tenant rent is paid on time, each month. We accept virtually any form of payment and send the rental proceeds directly to your bank account monthly. We also provide monthly income/expense statements for your records.


  • Coordinate Maintenance Requests - Any time. Any day. Every day of the year. We’re on call and available, so you don’t have to be. 


  • Legal Paperwork - If you don’t have a rental license already and your rental location requires one, we will handle the process to attain the license (order lead and property inspections, and file paperwork with county or city on your behalf). From there we will have the tenant sign the lease and take care of any lease renewals, modifications, terminations, etc.


  • Evictions/Lease Termination - If necessary, we will carry out evictions and enforce leases at NO additional cost to you — We are trained to handle any challenge.


  • Property Protection - It is important to mention that we are local, and only operate in Maryland. Since we are local, we will keep an eye on your property. If necessary, we will conduct random and routine property inspections to help ensure appropriate tenant upkeep.


  • Tax Preparation - At the end of each year we will send you a complete income/expense statement for the year and issue a 1099 to document your rental income. Please keep in mind that the property management fees you pay us are tax deductible.

  • FREE Tenant Warranty - When we place a tenant, they are guaranteed to stay for the complete term of the lease, or we will replace them for FREE ($0 Leasing Fee).

HOA Property Services​

  • Manage all HOA Documentation and organize the transfer of HOA documents to new owners


  • Oversee architectural change requests and provide approvals, rejections or modifications as needed​

  • Be a consistent and timely point of contact for Association Members


  • Assist Executive Board in drafting communications to the Membership


  • Maintain copies of all correspondence, letters, or documents sent


  • Assist in the development and management of the proposed Annual Budget


  • Post and deposit monthly dues and assessments


  • Track and pay all HOA related invoices


  • Provide monthly reconciliation of all operating accounts and reserve accounts


  • Prepare and distribute monthly Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements


  • Manage and enforce delinquency notices and collection letters


  • Perform community visits, as necessary to effectively manage the grounds, including supervision and inspection of contracted third-party contractors


  • Contract with suitable Vendors to maintain common areas in accordance with HOA bylaws established by the Board of Directors.


  • Provide ongoing evaluation and recommendation for long-term maintenance needs of the community.


  • Negotiate and retain contracts for community services, including utilities, landscaping, trash removal, fire equipment, and other contract services


  • Provide a one-call resource for community members to obtain quotes for various household repairs and improvements (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Etc.)

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