Property Management

  • We offer full Property Management services for one low fee of 8 percent of the collected rent.  There is no fee while your property is vacant.

  • We focus significant effort on timely rent collection and ensuring tenants understand the need to pay rent on time, every month.  We distribute owner proceeds promptly within 5 days of rent receipt via direct deposit or standard check.  You can view your financial history up to 12 months back at any time via our online portal.  If desired, we will mail, or email monthly financial statements showing all income and expenses your property.  We also provide you with an annual financial summary and a 1099 reporting all income.

  • We provide prompt and efficient service to all maintenance requests 24/7.  We have a network of licensed contractors for all disciplines of work to provide immediate response to maintenance issues. Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of home repairs and ensure that any work performed is both necessary and completed at the lowest possible cost to you.  Just as we won’t rent a home that we wouldn’t live in ourselves, we won’t send you a bill that we wouldn’t be satisfied with ourselves.

  • We will assist you in acquiring the licenses/registrations necessary to rent your property. Additionally, any property built before 1978 must have a lead certification completed and filed with MDE before the property can be rented.  We have extensive experience in Lead inspection and registration and can assist you through this process.

  • We understand this is an investment and treat non-payment with extreme importance.  We offer tenants a five-day grace period, after which we promptly begin the paperwork to start the eviction process. In the unlikely event of eviction, we will manage the entire eviction process to ensure the quickest eviction. After eviction, we will file the necessary paperwork to obtain judgments for unpaid rents and follow up to maximize the chance of recovery.  If a tenant is evicted within the first year of tenancy, we will place a new tenant and waive the leasing fee.

  • We inspect the property as necessary to ensure it is being well maintained.  We insist all tenants are good neighbors and keep the exterior appearance of the property at the necessary level.  Upon move-in and move-out, we will photograph the property to document any damage that has occurred. Tenants complete a detailed checklist upon move-in and the same is done at move-out.