Why Hire Us?

At KRS we are a small, responsive, hands-on property manager, managing rental properties exclusively in Maryland for the past seven years. While other property managers tend to perform initially, they often fall short on maintaining long term tenants and keeping your maintenance cost low. We personally oversee every tenant placement, maintenance
request, and all other aspects of managing your investment.

Aside from the benefit of our hands-on management, we understand what it takes to maximize the income of your investment property and the most important aspect of maximizing returns is reducing turnover. We place tremendous emphasis on our tenant placement process to ensure we find a well-qualified tenant who can consistently afford the monthly rent. Most managers are quick to place tenants so that fees can be earned. We work hard to find the right tenant for you and we strive to find tenants who will reside in the property for several years.

The second most important aspect of maximizing returns is properly managing repairs and maintenance requests. Our team has tremendous experience in residential construction and renovations giving us a keen understanding of issues when they arise. We personally vet and inspect all maintenance requests before sending work orders to contractors. We have long-standing relationships with key contractors for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Environmental Cleanup, Flooring and Painting. These relationships enable us to have work performed quickly, reliably, and at the lowest possible cost to you.